Phone Messenger and Paging

This flexible platform for text and voice message production which utilises the Atea Telephony Services Platform (TSP). The PMP interacts with Cisco Call Manager to relay a number of message forms to individual staff, select groups or the whole organisation.


Features & Benefits

Announce important information such as results, new acquisitions, promotions, company meetings and marketing messages easily and efficiently
Substitute often, overlooked in-house emails with phone messages which allows important broadcasts to be put in front of the relevant person(s) with no delays and less chance of being missed
This application is vital for companies that may not have personal computers for all staff - Phone Messenger allows the telephony infrastructure to be used for more than voice communications, meaning the whole team is on the same page
If a staff member is on a call, reception has the ability to leave a message informing the arrival of a guest or similar, no matter if their line is busy - this ensures the receptionist doesn’t need to wait to leave a message and is released to continue other tasks
Send reminders to your team to ensure they’re not late for meetings - these reminders interrupt their current task to promote punctuality
The emergency function can push alerts out to all phones with an audible alert to ensure the message is not missed
In-house corporate advertising can be displayed on idle phones in public spaces or conference rooms communicating company products of initiatives and allows people waiting to browse information in what would normally be unproductive time
Display messages such as core values or company goals to drive staff and promote corporate culture

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