Self Service Portal

The Atea SSP provides an environment that allows phone users to manage their own advanced phone settings from an easy to use interface.


Features & Benefits

The simple and streamlined front end reduces Help Desk calls
It ensures the full benefits of the CUCM are being utilized by the majority of users
The Atea SSP lets users login with their standard corporate login which ensures Help Desk calls are minimised
All tasks (which are custom configurable per installation) have simple to understand help information displayed on the screen
The display screen enables even complex tasks such as BLF configuration and SNR settings to be utilized by all authorised staff
As part of the Atea Systems suite of products, the SSP can be linked to the Atea CFE/CAPSL provisioning service
The system will provide an introductory email to new employees with all relevant and personal information and a link to the SSP to enable them to configure their own environment

SSP Resources

SSP datasheet Download
SSP User Guide Download

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