Call Monitoring and Recording

The Atea Call Recording application can monitor all conversations as a full time recorder which records all calls on all participating phones or as an ad hoc recorder - where the users activate the recording sessions by pressing a key on their phones, or as a monitoring and recording solution for call centres.


Features & Benefits

The recorder will record internal, external, multicast/radio and conference calls and place them all on a central server or SAN
Atea Call Recording is available for Cisco UCM (CUCM) and easily fits into an enterprises server, OS and network environment
The Atea recording solution possesses flexibility to fit any network architecture, and the open systems/non-proprietary approach of the whole solution
Aids with compliance by ensuring all legal requirements are met with fully archived and searchable voice recordings
Manages quality control thanks to the ability of supervisors to silently listen in to calls agents are on, with the option to record the call and give feedback, guidance and further training after the call has ended
Verify transactions and verbal agreements by accessing archived conversations which is especially useful in financial and legal environments
Track and investigate activities of internal and external parties including abusive or inappropriate calls
This system is now used by Fire and Police call centres that have employed Land Mobile Radio gateway (LMR) solutions which require logging of incidents and ongoing emergencies for review and training purposes

FTR Resources

FTR datasheet Download
FTR Administration Guide Download
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