Finesse Directory Gadget (FDG)

A high speed directory tool to allow agents to search for, consult with and transfer calls to colleagues directly from Finesse

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The Finesse Directory Gadget provides an agent with predictive directory searching and subsequent call transfers directly from within Finesse.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use interface directly from Finesse

Single search window for all fields. (First and last names, department etc)

Returns first name, last name, department and multiple numbers per directory entry

Numbers can be manipulated prior to dialling if directory numbers are not directly dialable

Supports connect and consult as well as blind transfers (Finesse 11.6)

Shared notes facility allows other details to be shared amongst agents

Unlimited directory entries with high speed searching. Our search database is stored in our servers memory and is not limited in the number of entries it supports and provides lightning fast queries

System wide speed dials makes for easy one click transfers