Service Center Manager

SCM is a Contact Center platform that utilizes Native Queues and Hunt Groups on Cisco UCM.

This product allows businesses to add advanced contact centre capabilities easily and cost effectively across large organisations, without the inherant overheads of a traditional contact center.

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Features & Benefits

The SCM leverages the Native Queuing and Hunt Group capabilities of Cisco UCM 9.1 (and higher)
Supervisors can optionally Monitor and Whisper or Barge into an agents call
Detailed Queue and Agent reporting with report scheduling and automatic emailing
Call center supervisors can monitor call queues
Supervisors can monitor agent status and manage agent assignment
Real time wallboards and dashboards allow decision making to be made in real time
Agents are able to change their availability through their phone or Jabber client e.g. when they are on breaks or in meetings
Agents can use their Jabber tab to enable after call Wrap-Up, or it can be done automatically.
Advanced Atea Queuing and IVR enhances basic Hunt Groups into powerful contact center groups, allowing queue prioritization and DTMF digit gathering.
Very low overhead on IT department resources
Groups of supervisors, agents and queues are self managing once configured

SCM Resources

SCM v3 Administration Guide Download
SCM v19 Supervisor Guide Download
SCM v19 Design Guide Download
SCM v19 datasheet Download

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