Voice Management Suite

Cisco UCM and HCS CDR billing and reporting in an easy to use and scalable platform

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The Atea Systems VMS is a business tool which enables organisations to use the Cisco CDRs to report on their UCM telephony system.

Its reporting functions allow managers to accurately control and allocate costs to companies, departments and users, track and manage staff telephony performance and analyse important system functions.

The system tracks calls, call legs, MoS, hunt groups and queues and provides on demand reporting over user specified time periods.

How it Works

VMS takes Cisco UCM call data and directory data (from UCM, LDAP or SI file) to build a reporting database that allows users to better understand and manage their Cisco voice environment.

Voice Management Suite (VMS)

Features & Benefits

Fraudulent use or anomalies in the telephone system are easily detectable

Client codes can be assigned to calls for accurate client billing

Manage staff performance and customer interaction with accurate data on ring/wait times, abandoned calls, number of calls received/made and calls forwarded

Information is readily available from key telephone points across the organisation such as branch offices, reception desks and sales staff

Call quality and MoS information can be tracked and traced

Gateway and trunk utilisation available for capacity planning

Forensic number searches facilitate phone call investigations for fraud and contact tracking

Cost summaries can be grouped into business units, regions or individual calls

Users and departments are assigned automatically from directory services

Security is be linked to directory services and departmental reporting

Cisco HCS billing support allows service providers to charge for calls and services, and provide a customer portal to satisfy customer demand for call cost reporting

Cisco HCS reporting portal allowing customers (and service providers) to report on staff telephony performance. Reporting on extensions, hunt groups and queues provide call counts, wait times, call leg information, calls abandoned, call lengths and calls diverted information for groups within an organisation

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