Contained Front End

The Atea Contained Front End provides an interface to allow service personnel to process high volume administration tasks without requiring full access to the CUCM.


Features & Benefits

The system can be fully automated by linking to an LDAP directory (CAPSL)
The CFE application presents the user with a simple interface to CUCM
CUCM cannot be compromised by CFE users
Lessen maintenance time by up to 90% by reducing the time taken on each task
Relieves telephony engineers of simple day to day administration
Automatically assigns and manages extensions
Automatic actions and pre configured templates substantially reduce errors
Ensures configuration consistency is maintained over time
Effective system for outsourced or multi-tenanted CMC
Proven to reduce admin headcount by at least one FTE per 4000 users
Northbound REST API for integration into other service platforms. (ServiceNow for example) CUCM user and Voicemail box provisioning from ServiceNow.

CFE Resources

CFE datasheet Download
CFE Administration Guide Download
CFE User Guide Download

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